Inti Ferreira

Ethics and respect as a central theme, in conflict with experimental limits and clear actions for a sustainable future.

The fashion business bears great responsibility but shouldn't give up glamour and beauty. Purist and feminine design, fair production and above all wearable fashion is our mission.

We are making the difference for tomorrow

Let your body be touch lightly by fresh organic cotton and breathe the green mint taste of freedom.

Summer Beautiful


Soft lines, brown palette colors and refined fabrics will accompany you during the middle seasons in your daily life.

All Seasons

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Inti Ferreira belongs to the young international pro-active Brands, that instead of following rules, rather writes its own rules.

Timeless and sustainability are the essence of inti ferreira's philosophy. It's not just about clothes. It's about a fingerprint, a timeless design. It's about the emotion of feeling good for doing something beautiful that will last inside us for a while.


Click here for an insight to our Atelier and Manufacturing facilities in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Coming Retailer events

      Berlin Fashion Week: 28-30/06
      Innatex Frankfurt: 30/7 - 1/8:
      inti ferreira showroom (Den Haag): 1/7 - 15/9

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